About Seekho Music

Seekho Music of Allahabad has been in the industry for over several years. Here, students of all age groups can enroll for our music classes. With the help of our experienced faculty, our students have honed their skills and become talented musicians. Music is not only a profession but a hobby which is a food for the mind. By learning music our hand-eye coordination increases leading to a healthy life. We constantly organize Music Events where our students participate and perform on the stage which greatly boosts their confidence.
Seekho Music was incorporated in the year 2015. We are affiliated to MSME of Govt. of India. The course content is administered to the pupils in such a way, that learning becomes a pleasure and the students look forward to their sessions with their mentors.
Music has rightly been referred to as the food of love that fills a person with joy and serenity. Students will develop skills to become lifelong learners in the musical art, both as participants and as audience members. Seekho Music works with the sole vision and unbridled endeavor to infuse in the population this magical quality of inner happiness through our various courses. Which incorporate talent and confidence in our students and give them an ability to express themselves.

Amaan is a versatile singer, piano player and a guitarist. At the age of 6 he started doing singing shows with his father Pt. Vijay Chandra.
He belongs to Darbari Gharana from Banaras. Till 2016 he has done 300+ shows around India with his band ANDROID THE BANND. He has performed many Live concerts with Bollywood celebrities like Himesh Reshammiya, Mika, Atif Aslam Shafaqat Amaant Ali etc.

About Amaan Chandra

Amaan Chandra - is the name of passion & ambition & a true reflection of the upcoming generation's aspirations. He is just a Younger next door but knows his way out as far as complex & melodious world of music is concerned. Exhibiting precision & performing live music on various platforms is certainly a difficult exercise for a person of such tender age. Hard work & devotion supported by burning passion for music has transformed Amaan into a recognizable singer & musician. He started his musical journey under his father Pandit Vijay Chandra. Pandit Vijay Chandra commands good name & fame as an able solo performer of "Indian Clasisical Ragas" on Electronic "Synthesiser Keyboard ". This instrument is a lesser known musical instrument in the world of Indian classical music & playing complex "Classical Ragas " on it, is a difficult task. Pandit Vijay Chandra is probably the only person in India to do so. Amaan was born on 8th February 1997 in Allahabad. The musical environment at home nurtured & polished his young mind into a passionate music loving enthusiast. Since childhood Amaan imbibed the "Sur " & "Taal " as the elixir of his life and as a result a tiny wave in the sea of music now tends to become a mighty wave to enthrall the audience at large. Such is the ability of his dedication that Amaan today stands as a capable "Singer " as well as an able "Synthesizer Keyboard " player. Amaan has cleared the "Prabhakar " course from "Prayag Sangit Samiti " both in Vocal music & Instrumental Music. Amaan's dream is to perform on the biggest platforms all over India & revive the name & identity, his family created in past. The legacy he shares belongs to his Grandmother "Late Maina Devi " who was a very famous Folk Kajri & Bhojpuri Singer. Various performances of Amaan's "Singing " | "Synthesizer Keyboard " | Guitar playings were praised by audience at large from their bottom of heart.